Production Technology

Special split die is provided on extruder to get two extruded strips. One strip is wound on mandrel to form inner layer of pipe. Mandrel keeps on rotating and extruder moves with computer control to make perfect tubular winding on mandrel with help of HDPE strip. Second strip envelopes PP corrugated tube and then is placed on joint of inner layer strip.

After pipe is cooled to handling temperature, milling of socket and spigot is carried out. Mandrel is then collapsed by special mechanism provided inside mandrel. Pipe is removed from mandrel and is finished by trimming edges. Rubber or electro-fusion wire is fixed on pipe after finishing.

Production line components

The main machine consists of Extruder, Co-extruder, control system for complete unit, moving carriage with rail and gas heating system.


Main Pipes Production Machine


Dual Winding Rotation Device


Dual Cooling and Cutting Device


Dismantling Station (New Model, Patented)

Piping Finishing Station

On the final pipe finishing station, all finishing works are carried out such as quality control, packing, inserting electro-fusion socket, marking, etc. This station also has o movable elevation platform and an integrated weighing station.

Jointing Method:

  • Electro-Fusion joint

    Here an electro welding wire is integrated into socket. The wires are heated and therefore the socket and spigot melt together. This joint can be delivered for the diameters 300 mm up to 3000 mm.

  • Rubber ring joint

    Rubber ring can be delivered for the diameters from 300 mm up to 2000 mm and are integrated into spigot. This joint is very fast in installation.

Turnkey Installation

Polykun piping Systems Company installs the complete production plant with all components in every country of the world.

Our service include a complete project service from the planning to production and training courses related production, calculation of the pipes and installation of pipes.